California Vineyard Supply Company Profile

California Vineyard Services was founded and is owned by David Heinz. He designs and installs growing systems for vineyards and other agricultural crops throughout all of California. Other crops include berries, peaches, olives, citrus, nuts, and other crops. In 1974 I received a BA degree in economics from California State University Fresno. In the same year, I began my business career with Georgia Pacific Corp. I worked as a sales representative and later became the lumber manager for the Georgia Pacific Distribution Center in Fresno, CA. Fresno was one of 52 Georgia Pacific distribution centers in the US and from 1975 to 1980 Fresno was the highest-grossing center in the country.

In Sept.1980 at the age of 29, I started my own company, California Vineyard Services. I purchased and modified avery unique Post Driving Machine to mechanically install vineyard end posts. In the following 12 months, our crews installed more than 80,000 end posts. That first year our Installation sales exceeded $65,000. In 1981, I re-designed and built another Post Driver. In 1982 our sales doubled and then doubled every year after for 5 consecutive years. In 1985 we began product sales to support our labor services and in 1996 our annual sales reached $10.5 million.

In 1987 I was approached by a US steel mill to introduce the first steel T-post to be used in vineyard trellising. Today the T-post we introduced represents more than 90% of the annual vineyard stakes that are used in California vineyards. California Vineyard Services was the first company to introduce the T-post into all three grape industries; wine grapes, table grapes, and raisin grapes. In 1998 we received a patent on the first “Open Gable System“ using the T-post for Table grapes. This was the first ever design using the T-post in the trellising of table grapes. Today you will find more than 250 million T-post, or, about 1 million tons of the T-post in California vineyards.

In 1993 we introduced the first steel ‘U’-Channel post into the vineyard market. The large ‘U’ profile, or “Rib Back” channel, was first used for vineyard restoration. Later, it became the standard steel post used in all-new table grape vineyards. Today, the steel “U” channel is used in all three California grape-growing industries and numbers in the millions.

In 1995, along with a Madera vineyard owner, Bob Simpson, California Vineyard Services introduced the first “Continuous Roll” of raisin paper ever used for mechanical raisin harvesting. Today more than 3000 tons or 50% of all annual raisin harvesting is now done on the “Continuous Roll” paper that we helped introduce. That same year we designed and built the first DOV ( Dried On Vine )“Overhead growing system” for raisins. Today there are more than 10,000 acres of the DOV overhead system in production. The overhead growing system is considered to be the most productive and efficient automated growing system in the raisin industry.

Currently, the sale and distribution of steel products make up about 80% of our company’s revenue. We purchase our steel directly from steel mills in the United States, China, and India. Our automated post-driving service and trellis system installation account for approximately 14% of our total revenue. Paper sales are now about 600 tons annually and account for approximately 5%. Designing, and installing the best-growing systems in the world to meet California’s dynamic agricultural needs is our business. We are California Vineyard Services and we have been “Dedicate to Progress” since 1981.

David Heinz
Owner and Founder